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This Week's Options Trading Watchlist

The options trading watchlist contains stocks that may have triggered on one of the charting templates and warrant further investigation. Stocks identified in this watchlist are updated on a weekly basis. We continue to monitor these stocks during the trading week to determine if valid entry signals are generated from our daily charting analysis. During the trading week, we continue to scan the markets to find other stocks that are showing the setups that we like and then place them on this table.  In addition to the 6 different charting templates that we apply to each stock, we also utilize the MarketClub Smart Scan Chart Analysis Tool to help find and validate our picks. Here are the details of how we develop and maintain our watchlist:

1. Over the weekend ( and sometimes after the market closes ), we add and prune our watchlist by scanning the markets using the and marketclub tools to obtain stocks that are fundamentally attractive but not technically set-up yet. 

2. We then apply the 6 charting templates to those stocks to determine triggers and entry signals.

3. We then categorize those stock candidates as either trending stocks or pattern alterations (i.e. trend reversals or breakout candidates) and then monitor them during the trading week for additional triggers and validation points.

To learn more about our chart analysis templates and how we evaluate stock movements and price patterns, go to the technical analysis explanation page.

To learn more about the MarketClub scanning tool, visit the website. INO also offers a free stock trending analysis for any stock that is on your watchlist.  To sign up for this free service, proceed to their sigup page:

Free Stock Trend Analysis

To find additional information on AJ Brown's tradingtrainer options trading techniques, visit the website. You can also find offers for Free Trading Audio Learning Series and Free Trading Teleseminar Series at the website, as well.

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