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Author: Les Schwartz

Fear and Greed are Killers.

They'll kill your confidence. They'll kill your faith in the markets. And they'll slaughter your profits. Fear and greed are the enemies. You must do whatever it takes to banish them... and completely eliminate them from your trading. Of course, there's the usual advice. 'Cut your losses!' the experts say. But when you're in a trade that starts to move against you, fear of loss kicks in. It's hard to let go. Then the experts will say, 'Ride your winners!' But when you're in a trade that starts to move to the upside, greed takes over. You take profits too early - and miss the biggest part of the move.

You see, no matter what the usual advice is, fear and greed are hard to control, especially when you're calling all the shots on your own. How do you know when to cut your losses. How do you know when to take profits... and when to let it ride? Most importantly, how do you develop the brass balls confidence to make the hard trades when you know you should? This is the unforgiving reality that real traders face every day.

Fear and greed will almost always get the best of you, unless you use trading software that relies on proven mathematical algorithms to help you enter and exit trades at the right time.

Successful trading is all about price. You can only make money when you buy lower than you sell. (Or, if you're selling short, selling higher than you buy.)

That's why my DecisionBar Trading Software relies on tested and proven mathematical algorithms to help you enter and exit trades when both price and momentum are in your favor.

Ultimately, it's about removing the emotion from picking winning trades - so you end up with bigger winners more often.

How DecisionBar Trading Software Works

There are three separate versions of DecisionBar. Each one is optimized for trading stocks, futures, or currencies (forex). To start, you simply pick a stock, future, ETF, or currency that you'd like to trade (or one that you'd like to trade options on). Type in the symbol.

You then choose your time horizon: one-minute, five-minute, hourly, daily, etc. Of course, your style of trading will influence what you choose. As a day trader, you will choose a short time frame. As a swing trader, a longer time frame. As a position trader, an even longer time frame.

After you've selected what you want to trade, along with your time horizon, you'll see that DecisionBar automatically issues accurate buy and sell signals whenever price and momentum are in your favor. These signals are issued in real time and are not removed once they have been issued.

All that's left for you to do is decide whether or not you want to enter the trade. DecisionBar's trading signals are so powerful that even if you took every trade offered, you would still make a profit on most instruments with reasonable volatility.

Try DecisionBar Risk-Free for 30 Days

For a limited time, you can try DecisionBar Software risk-free for 30 days. The cost? Only $124.95 ($99 plus an overnight shipping fee of $25.95).

Request DecisionBar today. If for some strange reason you decide you're not fully satisfied with DecisionBar, simply return the software within 30 days and you'll get your money back, minus shipping fees.

To become a DecisionBar trader today, please visit our website at:

To your trading success,

Les Schwartz

About the Author: Les Schwartz has been trading the markets since 1988. During the past 10 years, he served as a trading consultant to other traders. These market "gurus" hire him to teach them his trading methods. He made over half a million dollars last year as a consultant to these "gurus". Despite the large income from his trading consulting services, he makes his living from trading, not by consulting or selling this software.



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