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AJBrown Teaches His Options Trading Techniques With The Home Study Course

If you've ever traded options, then you know that the most complicated part is knowing when to correctly enter and exit your positions. You can spend a lifetime learning just how to do this one thing. Or you can follow in the footsteps of somebody who has achieved the success you'd like to achieve.  How about achieving millionaire status in less than 2 and a half years by trading options. AJ Brown did just that by using just $5000 to trade options and in just over a period of 30 months, he increased his earnings to $984,000! That's almost a million dollars in only two and a half years.  For the past several years, Brown has taught over 1400 students how to make profitable trades using his options trading system.  He has since gone one step further by offering an intensive apprentice program where he provides group mentoring in addition to one-on-one coaching to select individuals who are serious about trading options and are committed to learning.  He holds an intensive 4-day trading learning program every 3 months at various cities throughout the world and selects only a handful of traders to become his apprentices.  Under his guidance, the apprentices will learn to master his options trading system for a period of 6 months of intensive training.

Brown is currently accepting a new wave of students for his upcoming options intensive apprentice program.  And he is going teach them to do exactly what he does... to analyze stocks, build target lists, write covered calls, and to make profitable trades by entering and exiting option positions at the right times. You'll literally have one of the most accomplished options traders in the world personally teaching you his secrets. To learn more about the apprentice program, click the links below. Options Intensive 4-day education.

If you are unable to attend due to seating limitations, AJ Brown will also make available a home trading course that teaches his Trading Course blog page.

There are available VIP codes for the upcoming Options Intensive 4-day program. The discount code given to us was 'alpha2'. This promo code will give you a $1000 discount when you sign up for the 4-day options education.

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