WebHostingPad Review: Cheap Web Hosting But Not Cheap on Features

The following Webhostingpad review was based on the data obtained from our evaluation of Web Hosting Pad during our quest to find a new website hosting provider:

Webhostingpad.com is one of the smaller hosting companies. It is a 3-year old start up company that offers very cheap web hosting.  However, for a small start-up company, the list of features that it is offering on its hosting plan is by no means small.  The features are very attractive and will undoubtedly propel this company into the tier 1 list of web hosting providers in the very near future.  For example, webhostingpad is currently offering its website hosting package for only $1.99 per month.  This hosting package includes an unlimited hosting disk space, unlimited transfer bandwidth, one free domain and hosting of an unlimited number of additional domains, free setup, and for a limited time a free 6-month hosting.  Compared to other hosting providers, features such as disk space and bandwidth are limited to a specified amount, based on the hosting plan you choose.  So if you want unlimited disk space and bandwidth, you would probably pay through the nose with these other hosting providers.  On the other hand, webhostingpad provides you a cheap web hosting package with an unlimited amount of diskspace and bandwidth.  You can't beat it!!

In addition, the website hosting package includes advertising credits at sites like Miva Ads ($50), Yahoo! ($25) and Google ($30).  Webhostingpad also provides free professional consulting for your website development and also throws in a free site building tool. Webhostingpad.com is one of the few hosting providers that provides a free domain with every hosting service and goes one step further by offering free private domain registration.  Furthermore, webhostingpad.com guarantees its server uptime to be at least 99.999% of the time because it has built a state of the art datacenter facility that houses all of its servers and hosting platforms.  Very few hosting providers are able to afford to maintain its own datacenter and will actually rent out space from other hosting providers.  However, Webhostingpad maintains its own datacenter in Torrance, California, equipped with the most secure, high tech internet infrastructure in the industry.

If for some reason a client is not happy with all of these features and services, he can take advantage of the 30-day money back guarantee that allows him to cancel his contract without questions asked.  For this reason, a client has nothing to lose.

Web Hosting for $1.99 per MONTH

Web Hosting Pad currently has a promotional sign-on coupon code that you can use to obtain a discount on its web hosting package. Click the "GO" button to activate the coupon code.  The coupon offer is good for a $15 discount on your web hosting plan.