1and1 Review: Is 1&1 Deserving of the Title of Top Web Hosting Provider?

If you are looking for a good web hosting provider to host your server for you, 1&1 is the right address. 1 and 1 offers fast and reliable servers - dedicated to perform for you at an attractive price to suit your needs. From a Managed Server package with servers maintained and monitored by 1and1 experts, to Root Server packages offering total configuration options, your choices are numerous. For servers which support quad core, dual core, hyperthreading technology, hyper-threaded processors are available at no extra cost. 1&1 Dedicated Server packages include generous bandwidth, outstanding connectivity rates, and the highest security standards, since they are hosted in the most advanced Data Centers in the world.

1and1 Hosting

1&1's goal is to provide its customers with high quality hosting related products at the most competitive prices. As a member of the United Internet network of companies, 1and1 has formed strong partnerships with major global players such as Microsoft, renowned Linux distributors, and Cisco Systems. Whatever your Internet needs may be, 1and1 can offer you innovative ideas and tailor-made solutions. Over the last ten years, 1and1 Web Hosting has become one of the most prevalent global Internet leaders. Its excellent reputation in the market is built on long-standing relationship with its customers, business partners, and employees.

1&1 web hosting has more than 150 in-house developers working continuously to create new products and features to enhance and extend its current range. Your website will be hosted on one of the fastest, safest, most efficient, and most secure servers available, all located in ultra modern, high-performance Data Centers. 1&1 is able to provide you with state-of-the-art operations and maximum accessibility at all times. So, you can sit back and relax as more users will be able to receive your data, faster.

1and1 currently hosts over 3.7million customers on its state of the art servers.  With 99.9% uptime, its data center keeps your webpage transfers at maximum reliability and your information flowing at its maximum speed.

At 1and1 Web Hosting, excellent service and support is provided at all times and without question.  The company is truly a good web hosting provider. Its customer service team is dedicated to treating you with the utmost respect.  You are the customer, 1and1 provides the service.  Technical support is available 24/7 at 1-877-435-7281 or via email support at support(at)1and1.com.  When logged into the Control Panel, you can also access the help databank by clicking on the "HELP & CONTACT" button in the "Need Help" section underneath the left navigation bar.  There you will be provided with instant help on several topics.  If you cannot find an answer to your question, click on "Write us an e-mail" and fill in the form that is displayed.

As far as signup promotions from 1&1, there is currently a discount on the shared hosting package where you can host your domain for free during the first 3 months of service.  To find out more about the special offer visit 1and1 Web Hosting. To find 1and1 reviews (or 1&1 hosting reviews), or for more detailed reports of 1 and 1 hosting or for additional information on discount coupons, visit Top 1&1 Reviews or at the 1and1 Web Hosting Promotions page where valuable web hosting information can be found. These sites provide a 1 on 1 head-to-head comparison of the various web hosting providers to enable the reader to understand the true strengths and weaknesses of each hosting provider. You can find reviews on 1&1 in addition to information on other good web hosting companies at these sites.