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Options Trading Hotlist

NOTE: We've received numerous emails requesting help in selecting stocks. We are not professional traders and our investment group is not equipped to educate anyone on stock or options trading. We use options trading techniques taught by AJ Brown at Please visit his website if you are looking for trading advice or options trading education.

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This page is intended to provide a picklist of stocks as potential option trading candidates. Securities that make it to the hotlist are determined to meet our entry criteria and we can open up a position assuming that follow through criteria will also be met.  Chart technical analysis have been applied to each stock in addition to research on potential news that could affect the movement of the stock.  Very little fundamental analysis have been done to arrive at the hotlist.  We rely on the Investors Business Daily (IBD) for its fundamental analysis and evaluate IBD's list of recommendations to arrive at our own list of trading candidates.  Thus, Most of our target candidates also reside on the IBD top 100 list of stocks and ETFs. Technical analysis of each security is based on the methodologies outlined in AJ Brown's website. We further validate each stock on the hotlist using the MarketClub trading service. Refer to the Options Trading Hotlist explanation page for clarification of each column within the spreadsheet.

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