Web Hosting Review

The following Nexx review was based on the data obtained from our evaluation of Nexx Online, Inc. during our quest to find a new website hosting provider:

Nexx Online, Inc., provides small businesses and individuals worldwide with the most comprehensive hosting solution and advanced technology, at an unbeatable price - only $7.95/month for a FREE domain, 300GB disk space, 3,000GB bandwidth, 1,000 email accounts, Windows and Linux, and more! Nexx is focused on customer support and in streamlining its hosting features.  As a result, it offers only one hosting plan that so that it can easily be managed and supported.

What makes customers choose Nexx? Technology, Service, and Trust.

Its leading edge clustered servers run Windows and Linux on the same control panel, making the hosting package an easy choice for everyone. is not for the medium to large size company that requires large disk space for their websites.  For websites that incur less than 300,000 page loads per month, can be a very viable solution.  Especially if the webmaster is not technically adept to the nuances of running a website, Nexx tech support can be very helpful.

Nexx offers dynamic resource allocation to optimize server performance. If your website experiences increased traffic, Nexx will throttle bandwidth and other resources to your website to ensure that your website does not slow down.

Nexx Hosting Discounts will periodically provide a coupon code to obtain a discount on its hosting plan.  Click on the GO button below to determine if a promo code is currently available.