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Angie's List Review; Where are Angies List Discounts?

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Finding a contractor, a doctor or any other service can be a painful chore. If you are a stickler for perfection, you'll undoubtedly do your due diligence and research those companies thoroughly. Most people will typically research as many as 6 companies before settling on one. These tasks are very time-consuming. Even with a lot of dedication and diligence to the research, there is no guarantee that the company you've chosen would offer everything that you'll need. Worse yet, you have no assurance of getting the best service for all of the time that you've put in to it. So with the help of Angie's list, that tiring task can be alleviated.

Angies List has been serving homeowners for over 16 years. The original company was founded in Ohio by Bill Oesterle. He subsequently hired Angie Hicks as an analyst to gather and integrate consumer sentiment and feedback on local sub-contractor services. Angie actually walked-the-beat and visited the various local neighborhoods in Ohio to meet with service contractors and their customers. As part of her job, she contacted and met with homeowners face-to-face to collect feedback on contractor services. She performed much of the leg-work in compiling her findings into a useable format that enabled her company to objectively rate the services and performance of local contractors. The ratings lists that she produced were were widely recognized by local homeowners and merchants. These lists were affectionately known as Angie's List. In 1996, she became co-owner of the company founded by Oesterle, and the company was subsequently renamed Angie's List to reflect its popularity.

The company's review process has been rated as one of the best approaches in evaluating services provided by contracting firms. It evolved into an effective medium in helping the homeowner find the best possible services available. Angies List has since grown to over 2,000,000 clients and currently serves over 150 cities in the US; not to mention its tremendous online presence and its growing popularity on the internet. Angie's List offers reviews of industry services in over 500 different categories ranging from Angies List of doctors to roofers and other contractors. These figures are estimated to increase as it brings all of the reviews online and make them accessible to the world.

Angies List Rating System

Providing anonymous reviews have become a common trend with other services. Angie's List, however, does not allow anonymous reviews. It is, thus considered by many, to be one of the better services in providing unbiased feedback. It is the policy of Angies List to not accept payment from companies that it evaluates. It's business model is to maintain revenue streams via advertising and membership dues. As a result, the reviews tend to be more objective than a competitor who may have ties with the companies that it evaluates. Angie's List grades companies on a scale of A through F, with F being a failing grade. Thus far, it has amassed an impressive database of company ratings for its 1-million plus list of clients.

The company recognizes that speed and accuracy are very important to its customers. It places great importance on delivering accurate ratings data to its customers. As a result, the data and record management are processed and stored using the highest levels of security. The company has instituted what is referred to as a certified data collection process. This guarantees that the data is tightly monitored by the relevant authorities so to ensure privacy and security.

Angie's List also provides live technical support to ensure their clients needs are met. If your project goes bad or an unexpected event happens, you can be assured that support is only a phone call away. It is the ideal service for individuals and homeowners who don't have the time, the energy nor the desire to put up with trying to find the right company for a particular job.

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Anyone interested in joining Angies List can also benefit from an online discount. From time to time, an Angie's List promo code is made available to potential customers who wish to join online. To find updated discount codes, or to obtain angie's list membership prices, simply sign up for their newsletter and you'll receive promotional discounts on a periodic basis. Some promos can save you as much as 15% on an annual membership.



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