Review Easy Cgi Web Hosting Features

This page attempts to document some of the web hosting features that are supported by EasyCgi in its web hosting plans.  It is by no means an exhaustive list of features.  A more comprehensive list of features can be found at the easycgi web hosting review page of website. This list merely documents those features that we were interested in when we were looking for a new hosting provider and serves to help archive comparisons between different hosting providers that we have evaluated.

MySQL - MySQL is considered to be the world's most popular open source database. Most forums and other database driven programs require MySQL to run. EasyCgi uses version 5.0.45 at the time of our evaluation.

Perl - Perl is one of the most common CGI scripting languages used today. Easy Cgi has version 5.8.7 currently installed on its servers.

Active server pages (ASP)- Easy-Cgi supports Chilisoft ASP.  ASP is an open , compile-free application environment that combines scripting, HTML, customer server components, and robust database publishing to create dynamic web based applications. Easy-Cgi will help you install ASP, If you require it in your website.

Python - Python is a programming/scripting language that can be used on many different computers and operating systems.

Server Side includes (SSI) - SSI refers to Perl based HTML commands that direct a server to generate on-the-fly contact for web pages.

Crontab - is a process in Unix systems that uses a Daemon called CRON to execute commands for the user at a certain time.

Curl - is a command line tool for transferring files with URL syntax.

GD - is an ANSI library dynamic creation of images. GD  creates PNG and JPEG images, among other formats.  EasyCgi stays up to date with the latest GD version.

ImageMagick - is a robust collection of tools and libraries to read, write, and manipulate an image in many formats. EasyCgi stays up to date on the latest version.

Streaming - EasyCgi supports Windows Media, Quicktime, and Real Media player allowing you to run streaming audio and video.

POP3 Accounts - This is the number of POP accounts you get from an Easy CGI hosting plan. POP accounts are used to send and receive emails through programs such as Outlook Express or Eudora. EasyCgi's most popular hosting plan offers 500 email accounts.

FTP accounts - File Transfer Protocol (FTP) allows you to upload and download files to/from your website.

Web based FTP- A feature of the hosting control panel, the web based FTP utility not only allows you to upload files to your website, but gives you granular control of all your permissions and application settings for files and folders.

Website Builder - Easy CGI has partnered with CM4All to provide its customers with the most versatile and easy to use browser-based website creation tool on the market.  There are also hundreds of website templates to choose from.

Multiple Domain Aliasing - Many websites have more than 1 domain. Multiple domain aliasing allows you to have as many domains as you like pointing to the same website.

Custom error pages - A variety of preconfigured error messages are set on all web servers (The most common error "404" appears on websites when an attempt to access a file that no longer exists). These errors can be configured to be unique for your website.

Scheduled Tasks - Easy CGI provides you the ability to configure your scripts and utilities to run on an automated schedule.

To obtain a more detailed review of the Easy CGI features and capabilities, visit the easycgi hosting review site.  The review site probably has better explanations of the web hosting features than what we've described in this page. Of course, additional information on the Easy-CGI hosting features can be found at