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AJ Brown's Options Trading Mentoring Program for Beginners

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When it comes to broad market analysis, AJ Brown is one of the best options trading coach out there. Here is a guy, with two degrees in Engineering and a knack for sensing stock market directions, was able to put $5000 into the options market and came out with almost a million dollars in less than three years. How is that for an accomplishment!! We know first hand that his trading system works, because the members of our investment group have implemented his options trading strategies for over two years.  The returns on our trades are nothing less than phenomenal...and we all have AJ Brown to thank for our success! Check out our options trades.

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A.J. Brown is an options trading expert with over 10 years experience. He is the creator of the Trading Trainer options trading system ( the same set of options trading strategies that he used to grow $5,000 into $984,000 in just 30 months). A.J. has been interviewed by a number of notable folks, including Dr. Letitia Wright, an award-winning entrepreneur whose television program reaches 3.8 million viewers.  With AJ Brown's options trading system, you'll learn how to consistently pick winning trades, limit your losses and lock in massive amounts of profits.  It's a simple fact that you will not make money on every trade.  But with his option trading techniques and expert charting analysis, you will never have to win 100% of the time in order to profit.  With his no nonsense technical analysis-based option trading strategies for beginners, AJ will help you learn how to eliminate raw emotion so you will win 7 out of every 10 trades you make. The Trading Trainer Options Learning System reduces risk by giving you a clear set of rules. You'll know exactly when to enter or exit a trade. You'll make your decisions the same way every time. Even better, the System he designed automatically removes emotion from trading.

The AJ Brown Trading Trainer options mentoring program is unlike any membership you've tried before. When you join, you'll learn things like:

  • How to master options trading in just 20 minutes a day. (You do not have to read the WSJ or IBD every day. You do not have to scan hundreds of stock prices. Once you know this secret, you'll see how easy it is to make winning trades with very little time invested.)
  • When to use standard stop orders versus trailing stops. (Find out how to maximize profits by using the right kind of stop orders.)
  • Why itís so important to actively participate in a trading group. (This simple habit is what led many of AJ Brown's students, including himself to success. He'll show you how to join a group right after you activate your Trading Trainer membership.)
  • Where you can go to trade options contracts for as little as $1 per transaction. (A lot of people think they have to pay $20-$50 in transaction fees to trade an options contract - yet nothing could be further from the truth!)
  • How an index card tucked in your purse or pocket can guide you to your best trades. (Never underestimate the power of simple strategies. This is one you won't want to ignore.)
  • And much, much more. In fact, you'll find over 80 hours of live audio training inside the Trading Trainer membership area. Listen to it at your own leisure, in the comfort of your own home, or wherever you like.

For the price of $60 per month, you will have access to his library of ebooks, audio and video options training resources, plus daily video newsletters and weekly live webinars where AJ provides his insights and recommendations. Our investment team has had numerous "training" and seminar from other so-called gurus.  But AJ Brown's stock trading mentoring program has been the best thus far.  For one, the $60 price tag is very affordable, considering that many online options advisory provide newsletters only on a weekly basis and they leave you to fend for yourself for the rest of the trading week.  AJ's options trading program, however, provides a daily video newsletter that outlines the market conditions and recommendations, plus a thorough technical analysis of every stock that is on his recommended list.


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To obtain more information on AJ Brown's options intensive training 4-day course, visit Options Intensive Apprenticeship Program.

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